Soon we’ll celebrate our 100th birthday. Many years have passed since our foundation, but from day one we cherish the same values as our founders did – a high quality of our product and constant research. We’re the only producer and exporter of thread in the Republic of Croatia. We export more than 90% of total production on four continents and in 23 countries – from the countries of the EU, through Russia and South Korea and all the way to the United States. We can say with certainty that we have connected every part of the world with our threads.

We care for nature because it cares for us.

Our environmental concerns do not end with a couple of nice sentences about the environment. These are the facts: we use bio energy and energy from renewable sources. We support farming without pesticides and encourage the use of organic materials. We produce threads out of cotton yarn and viscous fiber. Our production does not emit CO2 and does not damage the Ozone layer.

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