Unitas d.d. is industrial-commercial stock company founded 1920. in Zagreb. Our main activity is the production and sale of cotton threads for needlework. We produce threads for knitting, crocheting, embroidery, sewing, lace making and industrial production, as well as yarns for weaving and gobelin kits. 

in 1930, the name of the company was changed to The First Domestic Thread Factory Unitas d.d. Zagreb and was registered for producing and sale of all types of threads. The first factory premises were at the address Jukićeva 14, Zagreb, where the factory had at its disposal two machines for winding,  three workers and one apprentice. The first director was a Pole name Menachem Broclawsky.

In 1932, Unitas moved form Jukićeva 14 to location Vlapka 81. At that time, Unitas possessed 12 machines.

The 1961 was an important year in the reconstruction of the machine inventory and increase in production capacities.

In 1972, construction of a new factory began at the current location in Getaldiceva street.

In 2002, the company is privatized and still 100% croatian capital company.